Regular verbs in spanish with the "ar" en ending

Cantar: To sing


canto: sing

canté: sang

he cantado:have sung

Tú: You

cantas: sing

cantaste: sang

has cantado: have sung


canta: sings

cantó: sang

ha cantado: has sung


cantamos: sing

cantamos: sang

hemos cantado: have sung

Vosotros/Ustedes: You

cantáis: sing

cantastéis: sang

habéis/han cantado: have sung

Ellos: They

cantan: sing

cantaron: sang

han cantado:have sung

All the regular verbs in spanish that end with "ar" such as "cantar" follow the same structure as the one presented here. It means that to build the verb you just have to cut what is call the root of the verb by taking away the "ar" and the build the verb for "Yo", Tú", "Nosotros"...