Learn to conjugate the verbs with "are" ending in italian

Cantare: To sing


canto: sing

cantai: sang

ho cantato:have sung

Tu: You

canti: sing

cantasti: sang

hai cantato: have sung


canta: sings

cantò: sang

ha cantato: has sung


cantiamo: sing

cantammo: sang

abbiamo cantato: have sung

Voi: You

cantate: sing

cantaste: sang

avete cantato: have sung

Loro: They

cantano: sing

cantarono: sang

hanno cantato:have sung

In italian all the regular verbs with the "are" ending, such as "cantare" follow the previous conjugation form, by taking away the "are" and adding the letters that you may read above.

Also in italian it is more appropiate to use the form "verb to have + participle" for example "I have sung" instead of "I sang".